Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The Letter .vs. The Spirit of the Law

July 24, 2019

By: Pastor A.W. Barlow, Sr. 

Pastor Barlow is a faithful prayer warrior on the 7am intercessor prayer call and PRAYKATION facilitator of the "Spiritual Gifts Activation" class. 

Guilty, Until Proven Innocent, the Letter versus the Spirit of the Law, explains how and why the constitution holds the government to the very high burden of proving guilt "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!" It unabashedly identifies some of the injustices that routinely occur due to ignorance, mistakes, prejudice, discrimination, gamesmanship, selfish ambitions and other ulterior and improper motives of Police Officers, Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys. Such injustices include, but are by no means limited to false accusations from alleged victims (who use the criminal justice system as the weapon of choice to get revenge), police misconduct and violations of fundamental constitutional rights by overly aggressive prosecutors who sometimes behave like persecutors. The unfortunate result is often unfair punishment and therefore undeserved suffering. Most importantly, Guilty, Until Proven Innocent takes a practical and sobering look at the vital role criminal defense attorneys play in holding the prosecution to its constitutional duty to prove guilt beyond and to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt. Such proof must be demonstrated before the accused can be legally found guilty by a jury and justly punished by a judge!


This book is by no means a hatchet job on the criminal justice system. To the contrary, it particularizes actual cases whereby falsely accused defendants were appropriately and justly found not-guilty by a jury of their peers. Two cases involved false rape allegations whereby majority female juries found the defendants not-guilty! This book was specifically written to open naive eyes to the reality that the justice system is no more perfect than the imperfect people who administer it.


If you have never been arrested, issued a criminal citation, accused of having committed wrong doing or a crime, your conscience may be shocked by that which you are about to read. Conversely, if you have been accused of wrong doing or are currently under prosecution for criminality, Guilty, Until Proven Innocent will open your eyes to the reality of the dangers you face, even if you are as innocent as God of that which you have been accused! Please be fully aware that legally speaking, you are "Guilty" if a jury so finds and a judge adjudicates you to be guilty. To the contrary, you are "Not-Guilty, if and when a jury (in a Jury Trial or a judge in a Bench Trial) finds you "Not Guilty!" Under such circumstances, your life is literally in the hands of the lawyer you selected to protect your precious constitutional rights.


Finally, Guilty, Until Proven Innocent provides tried and true litigation strategies that have worked in actual felony and misdemeanor cases that were handled between 1986 and 2016. It also contains an Appendix with redacted exhibits that can potentially enhance any criminal defense attorney's jury trial acumen. Albeit this book was written by a seasoned trial attorney with over 30 years of trial court experience, it is written in a reader friendly format that's specifically tailored for those who may not be familiar with the legal profession.

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